Ask about Creative Grooming Services and Special Order Pet Items

Self-Service Dog Spa

Treat your best friend to a spa experience

Everything is provided including: 

  • Your choice of Premium John Paul Pet Oatmeal or Tea Tree shampoo by Paul Mitchell. Cruelty-free, perfume-free, and made in the USA.  Our groomer can help you select the appropriate product based on your dog's fur and skin, 
  • JP Paul Pet Tear-less Face Shampoo
  • Aprons to keep you dry
  • Fresh Towels
  • Brushes, Combs, & De-shedding tools
  • Elevated Spa Tub
  • Quick-release tether to keep your dog in the tub
  • The hydro-massage bathing system 
  • Professional high velocity dryer 
  • JP Pet Peppermint Oil Teeth & Gum Wipe
  • JP Pet Aloe Ear & Eye Wipe
  • Complimentary beverage while you bathe your pet
  • The best part is you leave with a clean happy pup and the WaG  Spa technicians clean up when you’re done! 

The spa tubs are oversized and can accommodate even the largest of breeds. There is also a tub insert for the small ones. The spa tubs are elevated for your comfort, and have a low entry with a step for your pet's comfort. We do not limit your time and a salon technician is available to show you how to use everything.   

You can also purchase specialty shampoos and rinses, including de-shedding treatment, and more to use during a self service spa session. Please ask a Salon Technician or Stylist.

You have the option to purchase additional services from the groomer such as a nail clip, ear cleaning, teeth brushing, gland expression, and more .  Please call ahead if you would like an add-on service, so we can plan to accommodate your request.

Reservations are highly suggested for self service.

Please NOTE: A copy of a current rabies vaccination certificate is required for all pets visiting the salon. You can take a photo of it with your phone, so that you have it with you. If you do not have a copy, you can call your vet and request it to be emailed to you.