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Our Professional Team

Sarah Eudenbach Morse


Grooming Director & Award-Winning Pet Stylist

Alyssa Miller


Canine Cosmetologist

Pet Stylist & Groomer

Heather Calder


Salon & Nail Technician

Grooming Apprentice


Maria Erna


Owner, Designer, Creative Director

Sarah Eudenbach Morse

Grooming Director & Award-Winning Pet Stylist

Sarah  Morse joined the team as the Grooming Director and Award-Winning Pet  Stylist.   Sarah brings with her more than 20 years of professional  grooming experience and a loyal client following. 

Her career began with  successful training, completion, and graduation from the grooming  academy. She is also trained in pet first-aid and CPR. 

Over  the years, while building her skills and clientele, Sarah competed in  and won several grooming competitions. That led to her being selected to  compete against hundreds of groomers, beating out the best in the  country to be featured on Animal Planet’s “Groomer Has It!” as one of the top finalists. You can see a clip here from her appearance on The Morning Show with Mike & Juliet with their segment on "Groomer Has It!:

Sarah  offers services for both dogs and cats. In addition to traditional  grooming, she is skilled at hand-scissoring, hand-stripping, pet-safe dye processes, facials, nail polishing, and professional show grooming. 

Sarah’s love for pets, passion for her craft, expert grooming skills,  professionalism, and commitment to excellence perfectly compliment the  premium service you can expect from our grooming salon.  She is  accepting new appointments and will great you with her infectious smile.

Personal note from Sarah:

"I knew the moment I put my hands on a pair of scissors that this was  going to be my passion. Throughout the years, I have continuously  absorbed myself in the industry by going to seminars, competing at  competitions and having some of the best mentors. My house is currently ruled by a  Wire-haired Pointing Griffon named Briar Rose. When I'm not grooming, you will find Briar and I hiking, camping and kayaking with our family and  friends."


Alyssa Miller

Canine Cosmetologist, Pet Stylist & Groomer


Alyssa joined Wag in May of 2019.  She brings with her a passion for animals, dedication to their safety, and interest in creative pet styling.  She is a country girl at heart who originally began her desire to pursue a career working with animals by enrolling in Veterinary school.  There she learned pet CPR and First Aid, behavioral psychology, and safety practices in pet handling.  She went on to compete nationally in Veterinary Science and placed eighth in the country. 

During a summer break she worked as a grooming assistant and immediately realized that was her calling. She made the decision to forego vet school, and enrolled in the former Petco Training Academy where she quickly excelled in grooming practices. 

She was then given the opportunity to work with a national show groomer where she furthered her skills.  Alyssa secured a full time grooming position and built a loyal clientele following due to her patience, technique, and commitment to their pet’s overall well being. 

She continues to expand her knowledge and expertise by attending grooming, styling, and safety seminars keeping her current on the latest trends and comfort measures. She is an AKC S.A.F.E. Certified Groomer, a member of the International Society of Canine Cosmetologists, the National Dog Grooming Association of America, and subscribes to a higher code of ethics in her field.

All of these attributes made Alyssa a natural fit for WaG’s stringent practices, elite services, and customer satisfaction.  She is committed first and foremost to our clients’ safety and comfort.  She applies her behavioral knowledge to calming the anxious and relaxing the reluctant, successfully converting a negative experience with a prior vet or groomer into a positive one.

She specializes in Asian-Fusion, hand-scissoring, and creative canine styling.  If you are looking for a little bling or a total makeover, Alyssa will make it happen. 

When she is not making WaG clientele look and feel fabulous or attending seminars, she is busy with her volunteer church work mentoring youth and tending to cows, sheep, and chickens at Dreamers’ Ranch, a local NH farm.   She spends her free time with her quarter horse –Ricky Bobby and her Shiba Inu – Kimber.  


Heather Calder

Salon & Nail Technician, Grooming Apprentice

Heather’s passion for animals started at a young age. Growing up, her mother would pet sit and board animals allowing Heather to assist with daily tasks, such as feeding, administering medications, and cleaning up. She learned at an early age that the health of pets were directly impacted by hygiene, proper care, diet, and lots of love.  

Her Mom began to realize that pet care was much more than a just a passing childhood fad and invested in buying Heather her first pair of clippers to groom their family dogs.  She was in no way a professional, however, practicing nail trims and haircuts built Heather’s confidence and made her realize she wanted to make it her career. 

Heather secured a position as a Groomer’s Assistant with a busy grooming salon in New Hampshire we she began her formal training. Her duties included bathing, brushouts, drying, nail trimming and filing, teeth brushing, dog facials, gland expression, salon sterilization practices, and assisting the stylists with additional duties, as needed. She was progressing when that facility closed unexpectedly.  As timing would have it, WAG was just opening and Heather stopped by the Grand Opening Event.  After a few discussions and a formal interview with the Grooming Director, Heather was offered a part-time position with WAG as a Bather, Brusher, and Salon Technician. Her calm demeanor and gentle handling skills made her a perfect fit within the WAG culture. She embraces the many challenges, including working with dogs that may have behavioral or temperament issues, such as a fearful pup that may need some extra time and patience.   

After only six months, Heather accepted a full-time apprenticeship opportunity at WAG under the supervision of our Award-Winning Grooming Director - Sarah Morse.  With the expertise of two experienced groomers by her side, combined with Heather’s passion for learning and commitment to pet health and well-being, She is on her way to a career as Wag Premier Grooming Salon Stylist.  

In compliance with WAG’s strict policy of mandatory formal grooming education and certifications, Heather is currently completing her Pet CPR and First Aid courses, and enrolled in continuing education classes.  She also actively attends and participates in dog shows, seminars, and certification programs that will further develop her skills and allow her to grow in this field to her fullest potential. She looks forward to submersing herself in the grooming world and considers herself lucky to have found an opportunity that will help her on her journey.

Heather grew up with a house full of pets and currently her family has seven dogs, three cats, three ferrets, two goats, ten chickens, and three ducks. Heather continues to help her Mom providing care and love for all the animals. She also has a customer base to practice with at home.

Heather lives in Manchester N.H with her boyfriend Andrew, their rescue Pitbull Terrier Brocko and their three ferrets Doby, Winky, and Kreacher.